Phillips, Reginald Vincent


Phillips, Reginald Vincent Phillips, William David McLaren, Florence (Flora) McLaren, Peter Manson, Ann Pfeiffer, Lucy Ellen Martha Pfeiffer, Carl Otto Ulrich Wilmhelm Pfeiffer, Heinerick Schuster, Bertha Bailey, Lucy Olive Bailey, Enoch Alexander Tait, Eliza Jane Phillips, Reginald David Phillips, Kenneth Bruce Phillips, Mavis Jean Phillips, Andrew McLaren Phillips, William Gregory Phillips, Shirley Olive Phillips, Flora MacLaren Phillips, Malcolm John MacLaren Phillips, Verna Elizabeth Phillips, Leslie Raymond Vincent Phillips, Rita Violet


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Phillips, William David  McLaren, Florence (Flora) 9 July 1884

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Pfeiffer, Lucy Ellen Martha 13 July 1912  Phillips, Reginald David
 Phillips, Kenneth Bruce
 Phillips, Mavis Jean
 Phillips, Andrew McLaren
 Phillips, William Gregory
 Phillips, Shirley Olive
 Phillips, Flora MacLaren
 Phillips, Malcolm John MacLaren
 Phillips, Verna Elizabeth
 Phillips, Leslie Raymond Vincent
 Phillips, Rita Violet


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth Abt 1907 Ballarat, Victoria Australia
Place of Residence 18 July 1946 Jamieson, Victoria Australia
Place of Residence 3 May 1950 Marysville, Victoria Australia
Place of Residence 1 May 1952 Eildon Weir, Victoria Australia Employed by Utah Construction Company
Place of Residence 16 November 1959 Wittlesea, Victoria Australia
Death 2 July 1983 South Brisbane, Queensland Australia QLD BDM #83/04945
Cremation 7 July 1983 Mount Thompson Crematorium


Listed as a Share-Farmer on marriage cert, 1935
Listed as a Labourer in 1946 (Verna's birth cert)
Listed as a Timer Mill Employee on son Leslie's death certificate in 1950.
No Death or Funeral notices found in The Courier-Mail

Marriage Reginald Phillips and Lucy Pfeiffer 29 August 1935 Mansfield, Victoria [JPG] 2.9 MB

Reginald Vincent Phillips Electoral Roll Deakin Mansfield 1937 [JPG] 248.3 KB

Reginald Vincent Phillips Electoral Roll Indi Mansfield 1937 [JPG] 346.9 KB

Reginald Vincent Phillips Electoral Roll Indi Mansfield 1949 [JPG] 241.6 KB

Reginald Vincent Phillips and Lucy Pfeiffer at daughter Verna Phillips Marriage to Barry Edward Field 5 June 1965 Frankston, Victoria [JPG] 648.7 KB

Death Reginald Vincent Phillips 2 July 1983 South Brisbane, Queensland [JPG] 2.3 MB

Reginald Vincent Phillips Funeral Memorial Notice 7 July 1983 Mt Thompson Crematorium, Brisbane, Queensland [JPG] 2.6 MB

Reginald Vincent Phillips Ashes Notice 13 September 1983 [JPG] 2.8 MB

Birth Reginald Phillips VIC No Record Result [JPG] 2.8 MB

Reginald Vincent Phillips Photos from Rita [JPG] 50.3 KB

Reginald Vincent Phillips with family [JPG] 697.1 KB

Reginald Vincent Phillips [JPG] 398.0 KB

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