Bailey, John


Bailey, John


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Bailey, Enoch Alexander
 Bailey Jr, John


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth Abt 1805
Death 21 September 1851 Pentridge, Victoria Australia


Listed as a carpenter (1843) on son Enoch's Baptism certificate and also (1867) again on Enoch's marriage certificate.
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John and Mary Bailey Arrival on 'Westminster' 30 July 1841 Port Phillip, Victoria [PDF] 10.4 MB; 10 pages

John Bailey Port Phillip Directory 1847 Carpenter [JPG] 425.5 KB

Death John Bailey 21 September 1851 [PDF] 63.3 KB

John and Mary Bailey Research from Meryle [PDF] 31.2 KB

Occupation of John Bailey Note from Joan Harris [PDF] 32.7 KB

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