Faro, Thomas


Faro, Thomas Faro, Thomas [Faro], Frances Lucas, Ann Lucas, Nathaniel Gascoigne, Olivia Rose Gaskin, John Partridge, Sarah Faro, Frances


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Faro, Thomas  [Faro], Frances

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Lucas, Ann 2 March 1789  Faro, Frances


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 1778 Maldon, Essex, England
Death 3 April 1859 Purnim, Victoria, Australia Australia VIC BDM # 4259/1859
Burial 5 April 1859 Warrnambool, Victoria Australia


Listed as a Baker on his daughter Frances' marriage certificate (1856) and death certificate (1924)
Listed as a Baker on his own death certificate (1838) - Daughter Frances was the informant on his death certificate.
There is a "Thomas Faro" 1856 Electoral Roll entry for "Yangery" which is only 19KM from Purnim and only 10km from Warnambool. I don't think that's a co-incidence.
Death certificate says "58 years in V.D.L. (Tasmania) and Victoria" putting his arrival in Australia at about 1836"
Archives office of tasmania has the following:
Thomas Faro - Licensee -Half Moon - Hotel - Launceston 1837 -1839 Reference HTG 13/10/1837 12/10/1838 11/10/1839 Year 1837

Marriage Thomas Faro and Ann Williams 22 April 1840 Launceston, Tasmania [JPG] 708.3 KB

Death Thomas Faro 3 April 1859 Purnim, Victoria [PDF] 183.1 KB

A nation within a nation Page 306 Thomas Faro [JPG] 1.8 MB

Marriage Thomas Faro No Record Result [PDF] 1011.7 KB; 3 pages

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