Grant, Janet (Jessie)


Grant, Janet (Jessie) Grant, James McKenzie, Robina Tait, William Tait, Robert Tait, George Pitt, Isabel Sorley, Janet Sorley, William Tait, Robina McKenzie Tait, Jessie


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Grant, James  McKenzie, Robina

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Tait, William 19 July 1819  Tait, Robina McKenzie
 Tait, Jessie


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth Abt 1809
Death 19 January 1899 Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom


Her death was recorded: "On 19th Jan, 1899, at 5 McKenzie Place, Edinburgh, Jessie Tait died aged about 90 years; widow of William Tait, millwright, and the daughter of James Grant, soldier and Robina Grant, maiden name McKenzie, both deceased. Informant Robina Tait, daughter."

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