Lucas, Ann


Lucas, Ann Lucas, Nathaniel Gascoigne, Olivia Rose Gaskin, John Partridge, Sarah Faro, Thomas Faro, Thomas [Faro], Frances Faro, Frances Williams, Charles Williams, Charles Williams, William Williams, George (Pyrmont) Williams, Ann Williams, John Williams, Olivia Williams, Sarah Williams, Mary Ann Williams, Nathaniel Williams, Maria Williams, Thomas


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Lucas, Nathaniel 1764  Gascoigne, Olivia Rose 1761

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Faro, Thomas 1778  Faro, Frances
 Williams, Charles 1770  Williams, Charles
 Williams, William
 Williams, George (Pyrmont)
 Williams, Ann
 Williams, John
 Williams, Olivia
 Williams, Sarah
 Williams, Mary Ann
 Williams, Nathaniel
 Williams, Maria
 Williams, Thomas


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 2 March 1789 Norfolk Island, New South Wales Australia
Death 15 July 1864 Dunedin, Otago New Zealand NZ BDM # NOT 2856/1864 but 411/1864 apparently.


Marriage Charles Williams and Ann Lucas 2 December 1807 Sydney, New South Wales [JPG] 696.2 KB

A nation within a nation Page 45 Ann Lucas [JPG] 559.5 KB

Her parents are both first fleeters.
(Death Cert ordered 12/5/9)
No record of birth in the NSW indexes. Being pre-1836 there's no civil records. It would be a church record only and could have ended up in Tas or NSW with the priest.

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