Manson, Edward


Manson, Edward Manson, Thomas Faro, Frances Faro, Thomas Faro, Thomas [Faro], Frances Lucas, Ann Lucas, Nathaniel Gascoigne, Olivia Rose Manson, Ann Manson, Agnes Maria Manson, Thomas Manson, John (Jack) Manson, Mary Manson, Isabella (Bella) Manson, Charles Manson, Jane


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Manson, Thomas

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Faro, Frances 25 August 1837  Manson, Ann
 Manson, Agnes Maria
 Manson, Thomas
 Manson, John (Jack)
 Manson, Mary
 Manson, Isabella (Bella)
 Manson, Charles
 Manson, Jane


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth April 1834 Galway, County Mayo, Ireland United Kingdom
Death 13 November 1916 Grange, South Australia Australia


Marriage Edward Manson and Frances Faro 12 June 1856 Warrnambool, Victoria [PDF] 61.5 KB

Electoral Roll Edward Manson 1914 Raglan Parade, Warrnambool, Victoria [JPG] 1.7 MB

A nation within a nation Page 307 Edward Manson [JPG] 431.9 KB

Listed as a Farmer on his daughter Ann's birth certificate (1857)
Listed as a Grazier on his daughter Ann's marriage certificate.
Listed as a Grazier on his daughter Ann's death certificate (1939)
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