The Eucalypt Family History Collection

Photos, documents and certificates that have been collected while researching our family tree are showcased here. Certificates and Documents relating to people who are still alive are generally not included. If you see a small 'thumbnail' of a certificate or other document, but there is no link to the file itself, please email me for a copy.

Thank You to those who have helped by providing some of the documents and photos you can find here.

Family Trees

The four branches of Gabriel's family tree are brought together here. Research is ongoing.

Field Family Tree

Allen, Boe, Bye, Callcot, Cox, Dunn, Emmott, Field, Follett, Foster, Hebden, Hogan, House, Ibbitson/Ibbotson, Kay, Kelly, Lawrence/Laurence, Lupton, Luscombe, McDonald, Plymin, Pollard, Proctor, Randall, Richmond, Todd, Umpleby, Watson, Wharton, Whelan

Phillips Family Tree

Bailey, Faro (Convict), Gascoigne (First Fleet), Hollins, Lucas (First Fleet), Manson, McLaren, parsons, Pfeiffer, Phillips, Stevenson, Tait, Zomer

Cifuentes Family Tree

Andrade, Cifuentes, Davidson, Diaz, Pocknee, Smith

Rodriguez Family Tree

Bellota, Farfan, Rodriguez

Photo Albums

Over the years photos from different branches of the family have been collected, digitized and made available for all to share.

Abuelito's Photos

Over 500 photos from the albums of Francisco Rodriguez (1911-2003). (Rodriguez Tree)

Catalina's Photos

Over 200 photos from the albums of Catalina Andrade (1916-2008). (Cifuentes Tree)

Doreen's Photos

From the secret wooden box of Margaret Doreen Watson nee Field (1914-2000) came over 800 photos, mostly take from old and damaged negatives. (Field Tree)

Other Family Documents

Below you will find a collection of documents created in recent times by the latest generation of our families.

Scrapbook 2009

A scrapbooking album Cristina made in 2009 to send with her mother to show the family during her mother's trip back to Peru. Right Click and Save Target As... (88 MB; 42 pages).

Catalina's 90th Scrapbook

A scrapbooking album Cristina gave to her grandmother Catalina Cifuentes nee Andrade on her 90th birthday in 2006.

RV Trip Photos

A photobook of our RV trip through the National Parks of the western United States in 2005.

RV Trip Planner

Here's the PDF file of our planned RV trip in September/October 2005. I recommend you Right Click and Save Target As... (59 MB; 195 pages)

Indian Vacation

A photobook of our trip to India in November 2004 with Sumeet and Angela to celebrate their Wedding. Right Click and Save Target As... (85 MB; 44 pages)

Current Projects

  • Digging deeper into the life of John Field and Maria Randall, the first of my Field family to come to Australia.

Contact Information

The Eucalypt Family History Collection is maintained by Ryk Field. I can be contacted by email to:

If you have any photos, certificates or other documents of interest, please send them along. I'd love to see them. Please send me an email if you found yourself or a relative on this site.