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This website details the family tree and associated documents of the families who came together to create the children (and their cousins) of Arthur Edward Field and Margaret Doreen Watson.

The current focus of research in this tree is on the descendants of John FIELD and Maria RANDALL, who came to the colony of Victoria in 1851 aboard the Slains Castle. If you are related, please get in touch. Contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Over 800 photos from the secret wooden box of Margaret Doreen Field nee Watson, are also available online here

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      Index, Resources, etc13 entries

This distinguished surname with more than fifty heraldic Coats of Arms granted to nameholders, and having several notable entries in the British 'Dictionary of National Biography', is equally widespread in England, Scotland and Ireland. It derives from the Gaelic and Breton personal name of the pre-Christian era 'Ailin' which loosely translates as 'Little ro ... (read more)
      Elizabeth Maude 1882-195318 entries
      Moses abt 1829 - aft 18615 entries
      Thomas 1849-19015 entries
      Thomas 1887-19583 entries

      Charles Alan Abt 19163 entries

      Patrick Shan4 entries
      Trendt Edward Shan5 entries

This unusual and long-established surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is locational from either of the places called Buckden in Huntingdonshire and in West Yorkshire. The place in Huntingdonshire was first recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as "Bugedene", and means either "the valley of Bucca", or "the valley of the bucks", the derivation being from the ... (read more)
      Florence Ada 1892-19732 entries
      Thomas Henry 1867-19383 entries

Recorded in the spellings of By, Bye, Buy, and Buye, this is a surname of Olde English pre 7th century origins. It is residential, and describes one who lived by a 'byge'. This was a prominent bend of a river, or perhaps a feature of the countryside such as a hill or rock outcrop, which may have appeared to be distorted in someway. It is unlikely to have ref ... (read more)
      Henry 18583 entries
      Henry Abt 18302 entries

This unusual surname can be described as habitational, and whilst apparently of Olde English origins, may also be associated both with the Romans, and one thousand years later, the 1066 Normans. The derivation is from "ceald-cote", which literally means "the cold house", an unusual distinction at a time when all houses lacked any warmth! It seems more likely ... (read more)
      Eliza 1874-19091 entry
      Ellen -19561 entry

This is an English locational name, from 'Cartledge' in Derbyshire. The derivation is from a combination of the Old Norse 'kartr' meaning 'rocky ground' and the Old English pre 7th Century 'loecc' meaning boggy stream. Locational names were usually given to the lord of the manor and to the local inhabitants and especially to those people who moved away from ... (read more)
      Amy Rosalie 1877-18802 entries
      Arthur Charles 1899-19432 entries
      Beatrice Harriett12 entries
      Edwin James 1887-19188 entries
      Ellen Evelyn 19211 entry
      Elsie Lillian 1913-20021 entry
      Ernest Edwin 1869-195915 entries
      George Alexander 1885-19599 entries
      Harold Keith 19111 entry
      Harold William 1888-196415 entries
      Harold William 1914-19771 entry
      Henry James 1804-18793 entries
      James Randall 1865-18974 entries
      John Collin 1890-19889 entries
      John Collins 1837-190815 entries
      John Collins 1861-194113 entries
      John Collins 1913-19802 entries
      John William 19231 entry
      Joseph Henry 1867-18833 entries
      Leonard Marcus Abt 1906-19082 entries
      Lily Caroline 1882-18832 entries
      Marcus Martin 1879-19425 entries
      Marguerita Mary 1893-19386 entries
      Maria 1862-18632 entries
      Martha Jane 1871-18772 entries
      Probably Unrelated2 entries
      Randall James Dallawel 188915 entries
      Sarah Maria Florence 18922 entries
      Victor Rowland 1900-19843 entries
      Walter John 1902-197512 entries
      William 1838-19185 entries
      William George 1914-19872 entries
      William George Garrett 1874-18742 entries

This interesting surname has a number of possible origins. Firstly, it may have originated as a nickname from the bird, the cock, deriving from the Olde English pre 7th Century "cocc", and applied to a young lad who strutted proudly like a cock. The nickname may also have referred to a natural leader, or an early riser, or a lusty or aggressive individual. I ... (read more)
      Elizabeth 1855-18551 entry
      Elizabeth Julia 1842-192010 entries
      Margaret3 entries
      Thomas Abt 1797-18915 entries
      Thomas Henry 1866-18902 entries
      William James 1855-19132 entries

This interesting surname, found in England, Scotland and Ireland, has a number of possible origins. Firstly, it may be of Anglo-Saxon origin, from the Olde English pre 7th Century and Middle English "dunn", meaning "dull, brown, dark-coloured", and was a nickname for a man with dark hair or a swarthy complexion. It may also have originated from an unrecorded ... (read more)
      Charles Alfred 1883-19681 entry

This interesting surname is of early medieval English origin, and has two distinct possible origins, each with its own history and derivation. Firstly, the name may derive from Emmot, a diminutive pet form of the female personal name Emma, introduced into England by the Normans, among whom it was extremely popular. The ultimate origin is the Germanic "Emma" ... (read more)
      Anne 1642-17141 entry

      Mavis Isabelle2 entries

This ancient surname of pre 7th century German origins and Anglo-Saxon origins, is recorded in over seventy spellings. These range from Feild, Feld, and Field, to Delafield, Veld, Van den Velde, Feldmann, and the various ornamental compounds such as Feldblum or Fieldstone. However spelt, the name is topographical for someone who lived or worked on land which ... (read more)
      Alan Francis3 entries
      Alfred Ernest 1882-192449 entries
      Alfred Ernest Laurence 190515 entries
      Allan Thomas 19238 entries
      Amy Rosalie 1890-196914 entries
      Annie Elizabeth Abt 19142 entries
      Arthur Edward 1902-198727 entries
      Barry Edward16 entries
      Bruce1 entry
      Charles Richard 1896-198117 entries
      Constance Mary Randall 1884-194211 entries
      Cyril Charles 19345 entries
      Doris Mary Joyce 191712 entries
      Dorothy May 1918-19727 entries
      Edna Mary 19211 entry
      Family3 entries
      George Randle 1892-19409 entries
      George William Abt 1914-198510 entries
      Gladys Maud 1907-19828 entries
      Harriet 1848-193217 entries
      Heather 19562 entries
      Henry, Brother of John4 entries
      Isabel Emilie 1894-197728 entries
      Jillian Anne 1951-200917 entries
      John 1813-189597 entries
      John Field - Husband of Ann4 entries
      John Howieson 1850-193568 entries
      John Robert 1939-19859 entries
      Joseph Foster 1856-18563 entries
      Karen Joy1 entry
      Kevin Richard4 entries
      Lenard John 19296 entries
      Leslie William5 entries
      Marcus Martin 1854-193822 entries
      Marcus Martin 1883-196114 entries
      Maria Harriet 1839-19055 entries
      Martha Kingsbury Abt 1852-193818 entries
      Nellie Irene 1912-19738 entries
      Nellie May 1904-19056 entries
      Norman Keith 1916-193618 entries
      Olive Rita 1898-19002 entries
      Percival John Mannix 1920-199711 entries
      Percy Claude 1886-195613 entries
      Phillipa Williams 1858-18593 entries
      Richard Leslie 190913 entries
      Rita Florence 1911-19819 entries
      Ruby Adelaide 1890-196712 entries
      Ryk Edward16 entries
      Sydney Alfred 1914-198310 entries
      Sydney Leslie 1893-197314 entries
      Sylvia Jean 1919-20008 entries
      Teena4 entries
      Thelma Myrtle 1919-19935 entries
      Tracy Anne7 entries
      Victor William 1885-196413 entries
      Victor William 191512 entries

This interesting surname with variant spellings Follet, Follett, Follit, Follitt, etc., is a diminutive of Foll, a nickname for an eccentric person, deriving from the Old French "fol" meaning "mad, foolish". The surname dates back to the late 11th Century, (see below). Further recordings include Roger Folet (1158) "The Pipe Rolls of Kent". Church recordings ... (read more)
      Arthur Charles 1923-201112 entries
      Clarence Edgar 191610 entries
      Helen May 19217 entries
      Henry George Abt 19155 entries
      Joseph Henry 1886-19612 entries
      Reta Rosalie 19187 entries

There are at least two origins for this very interesting surname which is generally accepted as being of Old English pre 7th century origins. The first and most likely is that it is job descriptive for the manager of a large farm or even an estate. The derivation is from the elements 'fir' meaning strong or firm and 'man(n)' - literally friend, servant or wo ... (read more)
      Alfred Edward 1870-194110 entries
      Arthur John 1869-18692 entries
      Gladys Hallie Louise 1902-198010 entries
      Hedley Vernon Glenville 1907-198010 entries
      John Abt 1845-18714 entries

This very interesting English medieval surname, the family name of the Lords Oriel of Ireland, has at least four possible origins. The first is an occupational name for a saddle tree maker, a very important occupation seven hundred or more years ago. Here the derivation is from the Old French "fustier", itself originating from the word "fustre", meaning a bl ... (read more)
      Eliza Maria Harriett2 entries
      Henrietta Emily 1861-18922 entries

      Edwin James 19251 entry

This ancient surname is of German and French pre 7th century origins. It derives from either of the popular personal names Gerard or Gerald. "Gerard" comprises the elements "gari" meaning a spear, and "hard" - brave, whilst "Gerald" has the same prefix of "gari", but the suffix is from "wald", meaning to rule.This type of compound name with its echoes of tou ... (read more)
      Jane 1803-18822 entries

This famous surname is of Olde English pre 7th century origins. It is particularly popular in the county of Yorkshire, and whilst believed to be a topographical name for someone who lived in a forest, may have originated from a now "lost" medieval village in the county called Greenwood or similar. The name derives from the words "grene" meaning literally the ... (read more)
      Emma 1858-18761 entry
      Fred Foulton Greenwood 1891-1891 UNRELATED2 entries
      John Thomas Abt 1824-190629 entries
      Marian 18503 entries

This interesting name of Medieval English origin is locational, either from a place so called in North East Somerset, near Weston-Super-Mare, or a dialectal variant of Hebden, from a place in Yorkshire. The derivation, of Hebden, which was first recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as "Hebedene", is from the Old English "heope", rose-hips, with "denu", a va ... (read more)
      Jane Bet 1737 and 17511 entry

      Bridget1 entry
      Ellen Abt 1825-18935 entries
      Michael Abt 1783-18783 entries

      Edward John2 entries

Recorded as House, Howse, Hoose, Housaman, and Houseman (English and Scottish) and as Housse, Dehouse, Houssier, Houssay, Housseman, Houzelle, Housiaux, and Houssiaux, this unusual and interesting name is residential or perhaps occupational. It described a person who was employed at, or who had some connection with, the largest and most important building in ... (read more)
      Ruth Ethel Abt 1892-19742 entries
      William1 entry

The family of Ann Kay nee Ibbitson: Australian migrant from Pannal, Yorkshire, England

Ann Ibbitson, wife of Abel Kay (1830-1897) lived in Yorkshire until 1858. In that year Ann sailed for Victoria, Australia with sons Abel and Charles, arriving in January 1859, where she rejoined her husband, who had travelled to Victoria in 1857.

Related in ... (read more)

      Ann 1832-189310 entries

The family of Abel Kay: Australian migrant from Pannal, Yorkshire, England

The family of Abel Kay (1830-1897) lived in Yorkshire until 1857. In that year, Abel - the youngest son of Benjamin Kay and Mary Todd Umpleby - sailed for Victoria, Australia and was joined early in 1859 by his wife Ann and sons Abel and Charles.

Related information fo ... (read more)

      Abel 1830-189717 entries
      Abel 1858-19333 entries
      Abel Alexander 19113 entries
      Abel Charles 1882-19638 entries
      Albion 1817-18531 entry
      Arthur Benjamin 1886-19662 entries
      Benjamin 17875 entries
      Benjamin 1863-19273 entries
      Charles James 1888-19773 entries
      Eliza Ann 18842 entries
      Elizabeth 18771 entry
      Family1 entry
      Frederick John 1890-19667 entries
      John 1704-17806 entries
      Margaret Ann 1862-19306 entries
      Richard 1747-18101 entry
      Richard 1874-19563 entries
      Stephen 1783-18401 entry

      Ellen Helena Rose 1876-19611 entry

This interesting surname, with variant spellings Kelley and Kellie, has three distinct possible origins. Firstly, it is an Anglicized form of the great Old Gaelic name "O'Ceallaigh". The Gaelic prefix "O" indicates "male descendant of", plus the personal byname "Ceallach" meaning "strife" or "contention". The main (O')Kelly clan belonged to Ui Maine (mid Gal ... (read more)
      Catherine Abt 1839-19153 entries

Recorded in many spelling forms including: Cerby, Cirby, Curby, Cerbee, Kirby, Kirkby, Kirkebye, Kerbey, Kerby, and Kurby this is an English surname. It is of locational origin from one of the numerous places named Kirby or Kirkby, as for example, Kirby le Soken in the county of Essex; Kirby Cane in Norfolk; Monks Kerby in Warwickshire; Kirby Hill in the Nor ... (read more)
      Eliza Jane 1870-19623 entries
      John 1815-18551 entry
      John Cornelius 18401 entry

This ancient surname is recorded in over one hundred spelling forms ranging from the Scottish and English Lawrence and Laurens, to Laurant (France), Lorentz (Germany), Lorenzo (Spain), Renzi (Italy), and Vavrik (Czech). However spelt the ultimate surname derives from the male given name "Laurentius", which itself originates from Laurentium, the "city of laur ... (read more)
      0 entries
      Eliza 1857-19378 entries
      Henry abt 1830-19062 entries

This is a English locational name from a place so called in the former county of Westmoreland, now known as Cumbria. There is also a Lupoton House in Devon, which was probably so named from the Lupton family who lived there. The placename is recorded in the Domesday Book as "Lupetun" and probably derives from the Olde English pre 7th Century personal name "H ... (read more)
      Jane 17291 entry
      Samuel Bet 1681 and 17011 entry

This interesting and unusual name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is a locational surname from the county of Devonshire, specifically from any one of the five villages of this name called "Luscombe". The placename derives from the Olde English pre 7th Century words "hlose", meaning "pigsty", and "cumb", an originally Celtic word meaning a short, straight valle ... (read more)
      Alice Lillian 1906-19942 entries

This ancient English and Scottish surname was rarely recorded and never as a surname, before the Norman Invasion of 1066. Its popularity dates from the 12th century when returning Crusaders from the Holy Land gave it to one of their sons in commemoration of the fathers expedition. The derivation is from the Hebrew male given name "Mattathiah" meaning "gift o ... (read more)
      Florence Marsalina 18691 entry

This is probably the most famous of Scottish clan surnames. Recorded in the modern spellings of MacDonald and McDonald, the derivation is from the pre 10th century Gaelic name Mac Dhomhnuill. This is a compound which translates literally as "The son of the world ruler". Whilst this may not have been the actual meaning fifteen hundred years ago, it is perhaps ... (read more)
      Albert John 19001 entry
      Arthur James Ross 1894-19177 entries
      Family1 entry
      George Donald 18952 entries
      Herbert Leslie Roy 18987 entries
      Indexes4 entries
      James Ross Abt 1833-19229 entries
      James Ross Abt 1867-194017 entries
      James Ross Abt 1872-1940 2nd Son James1 entry
      Lucille Daisy 1892-19828 entries
      Olive 1908-20001 entry
      William John Ramford 19011 entry

Meech is a medieval nickname surname for a gentle or self-effacing person deriving from the Medieval English "meek" or the Old Norse "mjukr" meaning "humble" or "meek". The surname from this source is first recorded in the early half of the 13th Century (see below). One, Robert le Meke appears in the "Register of the Freemen of the City of York" circa 1300, ... (read more)
      Radford Gundry 17892 entries

This distinguished British surname recorded in a wide range of spellings including: More, Mores, Moor, Moores, Moors, and in Scotland Muir, has a number of possible origins. The first is a topographical name for someone who lived on a moor or in a fen, both of which were denoted by the Olde English pre 7th Century word "mor", or from one of the various villa ... (read more)
      Arthur Charles Glenville 18841 entry
      Douglas Howieson 19186 entries
      Frederick Henry8 entries
      Harry Radford Gundry 1883-18832 entries
      Herbert Edward Leslie 1886-193210 entries
      Leslie Norman2 entries
      Melva Winifred 1886-19327 entries
      Probably Unrelated1 entry
      Verna Irene 1916-201111 entries

Moran is an Anglicized form of two distinct Gaelic Irish sept names - O'Morain and O'Moghrain of Connacht. The Gaelic prefix 'O' indicates 'male descendant of', plus the personal byname Morain, from 'mor' meaning 'great' or 'large'. The original territory of the O'Morans lay in Elphin, County Galway, and at Ardnaree, County Mayo. Another branch of the sept w ... (read more)
      Eric James2 entries

Recorded in several spellings including Morrison, Morrieson, Morison, and Moryson, this is an Anglo-Scottish surname, which is almost equally popular in Ireland. It is the patronymic form of the surname Maurice or Morris, deriving from the Latin "Mauritius", and meaning swarthy, from "Maurus", a Moor. The popularity of the name was due in part to the fame of ... (read more)
      Daisy Maud 1890-19722 entries

      Alfred Robert Edward b. 29 May 19192 entries
      Family34 entries
      Herbert Thomas1 entry
      Noel Stuart16 entries

This interesting name has two possible origins. Firstly, it may have been a nickname for a person with a close-cropped head, from the Middle English word "poll" meaning "the head" plus the intensive suffix "-ard". The term pollard, denoting an animal that has had its horns lopped, is not recorded until the 16th Century. Hence, a more likely source for the na ... (read more)
      Margaret Bet 1699 and 17061 entry

This interesting name has two possible origins, the first and most generally applicable to modern-day bearers of the name being from the early medieval Welsh patronymic form of the personal name "Hywel". In Welsh this was rendered as "ap-Howell" or "Hywel", meaning "son of Hywel", a male personal name popular since the Middle Ages in honour of the great 10th ... (read more)
      Jane Phillips Abt 1857-19379 entries

      David Henry1 entry

This interesting surname is of early medieval English origin, and is an occupational name for a steward, deriving from the Middle English "prok(e)tour", a contracted form of the Old French "procurateor", from the Latin "procurare", to manage. The term was used most commonly for an attorney in a spiritual court, but also of other officials such as collectors ... (read more)
      Alice 17201 entry
      John Bet 1598 and 16181 entry
      Robert 16411 entry
      Thomas 16751 entry

This interesting surname is English, and occasionally Scottish. It has two possible origins. The first is from the Middle English given name "Randel", a diminutive of the personal name "Rande", to which was added the Norman French diminutive suffix "-el"; meaning little, to give Little Rand or more likely son of Rande. Rande meaning shield, was a first eleme ... (read more)
      Maria Abt 1818-189414 entries

      Eliza 1833-19061 entry

This long-established surname, with variant spellings Richmond and Richmont, and French cognates Richemont and Richemond, is of French origin, and is locational from any of the various places in North France, named with the Old French elements "riche", rich or splendid, plus "mont", hill, or from Richmond in the North Riding of Yorkshire. The latter, recorde ... (read more)
      Olive 1897-19521 entry

      Leslie James 1912-19753 entries

      Elizabeth Jane 1880-19563 entries

      Allan Cannam1 entry

      Peter James 1944-20098 entries

This is an anglicized form of the Olde Gaelic name "O' Scolaidhe" or "O' Scolaire". The Gaelic prefix "O" indicated "male descendant of", plus "Scolaide", a Crier i.e. one whose duty it was to announce important forthcoming events, or "Scolaire", a student. Originally a Westmeath Clan, the Scullys were driven by Anglo-Norman pressure to Munster c.1170. One b ... (read more)
      Patience Abt 1821-18551 entry

This unusual and interesting name is a dialectal variant of a name of Scottish origin, although it is thought that it was introduced into Scotland by an Englishman from "Smalley" in Derbyshire. The name "Smalley" appears early in Scottish records in the form of one "Ricardus Smaley", a witness in the Glasgow Church Registers of circa 1280 - 1290. The placena ... (read more)
      Sarah 1849-18881 entry

Recorded in the spellings of Smith, Smithe, Smythe, and the patronymics Smiths, and Smithson, this is the most popular surname in the English speaking world by a considerable margin. Of pre 7th century Anglo-Saxon origins, it derives from the word 'smitan' meaning 'to smite' and as such is believed to have described not a worker in iron, but a soldier, one w ... (read more)
      Alan James2 entries
      Daisy May 1896-19791 entry
      Geoffrey Saunders4 entries
      Herbert Saunders 1900-19694 entries

This long-established surname is of Old Scandinavian origin, and belongs to that sizeable group of early European surnames that were gradually created from the habitual use of nicknames. These nicknames were originally given with reference to a variety of personal characteristics, such as physical attributes and peculiarities, and mental and moral characteri ... (read more)
      Anne Abt 1826-18702 entries

This interesting and unusual name, found mainly in the north of England and Scotland, is of early medieval English origin. It is a nickname surname for someone thought to resemble a fox in some real or fancied way, for example, either in being quick or clever, or perhaps more obviously in having red hair. The derivation is from the Northern Middle English "t ... (read more)
      Grace Bet 1679 and 16991 entry
      Mary 17511 entry
      Michael 17191 entry
      Thomas 16831 entry
      Thomas Abt 16511 entry
      Thomas Bet 1610 and 16301 entry

This is an English and specifically Yorkshire locational surname of some confusion. Recorded as Umpelby, Umpleby, Umplebye and possibly others, the famous Victorian etymologist, Canon Charles Bardsley writing in the year 1880, found eleven recordings of the surname in the Modern Domesday Book for the West Riding of Yorkshire in 1873. However he failed to fin ... (read more)
      Mary Todd 17931 entry
      Thomas 17151 entry
      William 17491 entry

Unrelated Mistakes
      Allen, Thomas 18532 entries
      Allen, Thomas Abt 18171 entry
      Allen, Thomas Abt 18481 entry
      Allen, Thomas Henry 18471 entry
      Lawrence, Eliza 18531 entry
      Lawrence, George Abt 18221 entry
      Watson, Albert 18932 entries

This is a famous Anglo-Scottish surname of great antiquity. Very popular in the north of England and the Border Country, it is one of the patronymic forms of the pre 7th century popular male personal name Watt, itself a development of the Anglo-Saxon personal name and later surname, Walter. This has the interesting translation of 'powerful warrior'. It is al ... (read more)
      Albert Francis 1915-19781 entry
      Albert Francis Sherwood Abt 1892-198836 entries
      Benjamin Ray4 entries
      Elizabeth Marion 1862-19203 entries
      Francis Richard Raymond 19412 entries
      Howard8 entries
      June Heather7 entries
      Margaret Doreen 1914-200039 entries
      Nancy Patricia8 entries

This interesting surname, of English origin, with variant spellings of Warton and Worton, is a locational name from any of the various places so called. Wharton in Cheshire and Hertfordshire are derived from an Olde English pre 7th Century river name Woefer, from "woefre" meaning wandering or winding plus "tun", settlement. Wharton in Lincolnshire has as it' ... (read more)
      Anne 1670-17301 entry

Recorded in many spellings including Wheelan, Whalen, Whelan, Whelehan, Welan, Weallan, Wealleans, Feolande, Fyland, O'Phelane, Phelan and probably others, this interesting name is Irish. It is the anglicized or developed form of the ancient pre 10th century Gaelic name O' Faolain, meaning a male descendant of Faolan, itself a personal name meaning 'Young wo ... (read more)
      Albert Raymond 1898-19611 entry
      Arthur James 1873-19371 entry
      Charles Henry George 1896-19164 entries
      Clarence Claude Clement 1900-19771 entry
      David William Whelan 1893-19771 entry
      Family1 entry
      Herbert Allan 1892-19641 entry
      John Norman 1895-19173 entries
      Mary Helena 1867-19359 entries
      Michael Luke Abt 1834-190610 entries
      Michael Valentine 1896-19781 entry
      Myrtle Hilda Whelan 1907-19672 entries
      Percival Reginald Whelan 1876-19177 entries
      Rose Eleanor Amy 1886-19671 entry
      Walter Thomas Joseph 1901-19671 entry
      William Frederick 1866-19311 entry

This interesting surname is of Anglo-Saxon pre 7th century origin, and as such is one of the earliest known origins. The derivation is from the word 'geong', which developed into the Middle English 'yunge or yonge', and literally means 'The young one'. Curiously children of the same sex in a medieval family were often given the same name, and to differentiat ... (read more)
      John Ronald 1920 Not Related Mistake2 entries

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