Document Library - Bailey / Lucy Olive 1884-1944

Lucy Olive 1884-1944

Birth Lucy Olive Bailey 1 June 1884 Elmore, Victoria [JPG] 3.3 MB

Carl and Lucy 1914 Electoral Roll Dandenong, Victoria [JPG] 1.7 MB

Carl and Lucy 1924 Electoral Roll Jamieson, Victoria [JPG] 1.5 MB

Carl and Lucy 1931 Electoral Roll Jamieson, Victoria [JPG] 1.7 MB

Death Lucy Olive Bailey Pfeiffer 21 September 1944 Melbourne, Victoria [PDF] 41.1 KB

Burial Details Lucy Olive Pfeiffer nee Bailey 22 September 1944 Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Victoria [PNG] 121.9 KB

Carl Otto Ulrich Wilhelm (Bill) Pfeiffer with Lucy Olive Pfeiffer nee Bailey and sons [JPG] 171.3 KB

GrandParents, Carl Otto Pfeiffer and Lucy Olive Bailey [JPG] 3.6 MB

Lucy Olive Pfeiffer nee Bailey and son George Pfeiffer [JPG] 248.8 KB

Lucy Olive Pfeiffer nee Bailey with son George Pfeiffer [JPG] 277.1 KB

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