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Clorinda Wencesla Bellota

Diploma de Honor Profesora Clorinda Farfan de Rodriguez 6 July 1981 [JPG] 3.5 MB

Death Certificate Clorinda Farfan 1999 Quillabamba [JPG] 1.8 MB

Death Clorinda Farfan 1999 Peru [JPG] 2.3 MB

Death Clorinda Farfan Bellota 1999 [JPG] 1.8 MB

Death Clorinda Farfan Bellota 1999 Registration [JPG] 2.9 MB

Burial plaque for Clorinda Farfan de Rodriguez [JPG] 3.6 MB

Clorinda and children Raul, Aidee, Berta, and Efrain [JPG] 444.5 KB

Clorinda and Mercedes Farfan 16 May 1953 (no 493) [JPG] 373.4 KB

Clorinda Farfan (no 099) [JPG] 386.9 KB

Clorinda Farfan (no 101) [JPG] 363.6 KB

Clorinda Farfan playing guitar in Peru [JPG] 471.4 KB

Clorinda Farfan with daughters Aidee and Berta Rodriguez [JPG] 560.0 KB

Clorinda Farfan with two of her sons, Efrain and Raul Rodriguez [JPG] 647.5 KB

Clorinda with her brother Miguel Farfan [JPG] 771.3 KB

Postcard of Clorinda 1926 [JPG] 517.8 KB

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