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Burial plaque for Custodia Bellota Marin and Lucio Farfan Covarrubias [JPG] 3.6 MB

Clorinda and father Lucio Farfan (no 425) Peru [JPG] 569.4 KB

Clorinda and her father, Lucio Farfan [JPG] 318.3 KB

Clorinda, Lucio and Andres Farfan 1927 [JPG] 522.5 KB

Clorinda, Lucio and Andres Farfan in Urubamba, Peru [JPG] 578.5 KB

Custodia Bellota and Lucio Casiano Farfan 1927 [JPG] 139.3 KB

Farfan family photo 27 February 1947 alternate [JPG] 793.8 KB

Farfan family photo 27 February 1947 [JPG] 712.6 KB

Lucio Farfan Funeral information [JPG] 202.3 KB

Lucio Farfan, grandfather of Berta Rodriguez (no 541) [JPG] 431.7 KB

Lucio with his children, Clorinda at right [JPG] 603.4 KB

Lucio Farfan IMG 0576 [JPG] 714.6 KB

Lucio Farfan [JPG] 90.4 KB

Miguel, Rosa, Victoria, Lucio Farfan, Merceds, Clorinda, Rosa's husband Edgar Garcia and Nieves at front 1938 [JPG] 843.8 KB

Unidentified, Lucio and Clorinda at Urubamba, Peru [JPG] 496.5 KB

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