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This website details the family tree and associated documents of the families who came together to create the children of Francisco Rodriguez and Clorinda Wencesla Farfan.

Over 500 photos from the album of Francisco Rodriguez are also available online here

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      Custodia7 entries

      Clorinda Wencesla Bellota15 entries
      Lucio15 entries
      Mercedes3 entries
      Rosa2 entries

      0 entries


Over 500 photos from the albums of Francisco Rodriguez, are also available online here

This is an ancient and noble surname recorded in many forms. These include Roderick (English), Rodiger (German), Rodriguez (Spanish), and Rodrigues (Portugese), as examples of popular surn ... (read more)

      Aidee2 entries
      Berta2 entries
      Efrain2 entries
      Francisco 1911-200328 entries
      Meg1 entry
      Pilar1 entry

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