Extra Extra Daily Bugle

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This is the expanded Dailly Bugle set I created from the official Lego release.  Each floor is a “section” wider, and deeper.  There are two extra floors, one for the printing presses and one for Spiderman’s secret hideout.  This build includes the motorized figure on top.  Please note, a White Lego Rubber Band (not shown due to Stud.io limitation) is required to connect the grey pulley to the white tower to make it rotate.

Available Downloads

Stud.io digital design file for the complete 6-story build.  Please note the Stud.io file is large due to the custom printed parts included that represent the stickered elements of the build.  They may slow your computer down.  If you replace them with a blank version of the same part, that issue (if you experience it) will go away, and the saved Stud.io file will be much, much smaller.


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